Helikon Shipping assists Cebu communities rebuild after Typhoon Odette

Given its long and close relationship with the Tsuneishi shipyard as well as the local community in Balamban, Helikon Shipping decided to assist those affected by typhoon Odette through a donation of rice and building materials.

The primary focus of the donation was the assistance of employees, workers, and sub-contractors of THI. Each and every one working at the yard received a 50kg bag of rice. More than 11,000 workers benefited from the donation. According to estimates, the per capita annual consumption of rice in the Philippines is approximately 100kg.

Along with the workers of THI, the local community also received assistance through rice donations. Around 66,000 households in the municipalities of Balamban, Pinamungajan, Asturias, and Aloguinsan, each received between 5kg and 10kg of rice. 

Considering the substantial damage caused to houses and infrastructure, the Helikon group also donated building material to THI workers and the two hardest hit municipalities, Pinamugajan and Aloguinsan. In total, 117 THI and sub-con employees and 468 households in Alonguinsan and Pinamugajan each received 8 sacks of cement and 10 pieces of plywood. 

It is important to note that the donation would not have been possible without the assistance of THI Cebu, Helikon’s site team, and local municipalities, for which Helikon is grateful.